1- How to get your research published ?

This workshop helps researchers to prepare their articles in a proper way, which enhances the opportunities for publishing their research in high rank journals, and for seeing it shared globally.

This workshop could provide answers for the following questions:

  1. What is a journal article?
  2. How to write a clear and concise article?
  3. What points could make you lose the attention of journal editors?
  4. How to attract your audience (citations)?
  5. Do the quality and type references influence the value of my article?
  6. How to prepare a cover letter?
  7. What are the highlights?
  8. How to find the suitable journal for my paper?
  9. How to respond to reviewer reports?

2- Wonderful worlds of Word and EndNote

This workshop is devoted for supervisors and postgraduate students. It helps to save your time and it enables you to manage your academic writing in a professional way. This workshop is highly recommended for postgraduate students as it helps them to save significant time during the writing up of their theses, dissertations and papers.